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Small Business Accounting Services

Do you own a small business? Is accounting & bookkeeping one of the biggest worries about your business? Well, not anymore. With the help of accounting and financial reporting experts you can outsource the accounting needs of your business and get CFO services. While you take care of the executive responsibility, the individuals most adept at managing accounts and records will ensure that you have all the relevant accounting records maintained and you have all the financial information necessary to assist you in the decision making process.

It is important to realize the importance of properly recording assets, liabilities, expenses, revenues and equity transactions of your business. CFO consultants consider the nature and timing of revenues and match them with the expenses for the relevant periods to ensure that the profit or loss reported in the statement of profit and loss is accurate and reflects the actual state of the affairs of your company. Recording accounts payable and receivables correctly and maintaining their proper records is also necessary in order to make sure that you do not miss your financial obligations as they fall due. Likewise, the proper management of accounts receivable and timely collection of revenue will improve your business cash cycle and result in good business growth.

With the help of CFO consultants you can get all the accounting services for your small business including:

  • Recording and bookkeeping of assets according to the economic benefits provided by them and as required by your regulatory environment
  • Raising liabilities whenever there is an obligation or a probable obligation to pay or whenever any event might result in future outflow of economic resources from the business
  • Managing your equity and preparing the statement of changes in equity to keep the proper record of how much capital you have injected in your business
  • Calculation of financial ratios and their interpretation that will help you identify the weak areas. Including calculation of return on your investment, effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the utilization of assets, business performance and solvency.
  • Account payable and receivable bookkeeping.
  • Maintaining cash flows and keeping the timing of cash outflows consistent with the cash funds available.
  • Timely preparation of accounting and financial statements of your business.

CFO consultants are aware of all major accounting software and they can also help you in transferring your accounting records from one information system to another. If you want to have control over the business transactions and outsource small business accounting services to third party accountants CFO services can come in really handy.