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Revamping your business operations with part-time CFO Services

With a CFO consultant by your side you can get result-driven approaches, faster action in decision making – not to mention enhanced performance. CFO services offer the following and more: Better intelligence – This does not come easily and takes arduous research.   Once implemented, you will be able toRead More

CFO Services – Decision Making Using the Financial Ratios

Ratio analysis involves the comparison of two numerical values in the financial statements including; Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, of the company. The purpose of ratio analysis is to utilize the results of operations declared by the company for decision making purposes.Read More

Liquidity Problems for Small Businesses – Indications and How to Overcome Them

Cash is the most liquid asset that represents a business’s ability to discharge its financial obligations on time. Making payments to suppliers, incurring revenue expenditure, paying off the employees, investing in new assets from plant, machinery and office equipment to buying inventory for the company;Read More

How to Obtain a Business Bank Loan

Lending might not be as frivolous as it used to be, but the banks are still keen to lend money to businesses that they see as a safe bet. As such, the difficulty is not actually finding a bank/investor that is willing to lend, butRead More