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Restructuring & Turnaround

Times are tough for a lot of companies. If you’re a manager or stakeholder in an underperforming or financially distressed business, our experienced, professionally trained CFOs can help stabilize operations, protect investments, and facilitate corporate restructuring efforts.

CFO Business Growth Solutions’ Business Restructuring services and Business Turnaround services are appropriate for any and all debtors, creditors, and private investors interested in achieving successful financial outcomes.

Business Restructuring for Debtors

For debtors, we can help you improve your financial performance quickly by identifying optimal revenue opportunities and cost savings. Concurrently, we will help you cut or reduce losses by restructuring accounting controls, conducting margin audits, and delivering supply chain and SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats) analysis.

Further, we can help you streamline processes, so that you are working more efficiently and effectively companywide. If applicable, we can also help you secure refinancing or prepare your company for sale or bankruptcy proceedings.

Business Restructuring Services for Creditors

As a creditor, your needs are different, and we adjust accordingly. Here we can help you evaluate debtors’ restructuring plans, including their management’s intent and ability to execute. We will also review company records, zeroing in on accounting irregularities, undisclosed transactions, kickbacks, vendor fraud, and other unethical practices. Should you need to go to court, we will help prepare forensic documentation in support of the litigation.

Solutions for Private Equity

At CFO Business Growth Solutions, we understand that private investors have unique needs. Whether you’re a new or long-standing investor, we take the time to fully understand your business concerns, so that we can deliver an integrated solution that minimizes risk, strengthens operational weaknesses, and boosts financial performance

Benefits of Business Turnaround Services

We will develop and implement the optimal business turnaround strategies to improve key aspects of operations as well as financial outcomes. This work may include everything from working on refinancing options and improving the organization of balance sheets to evaluating alternatives and handling negotiations with various parties.

Industries We’ve Assisted with Business Restructuring Services

The professionals at CFO Business Growth Solutions have hands on operational experience working with clients across various industries.

Restructuring Includes:

  • Turnaround Planning
  • Performance Improvement
  • Due Diligence
  • Bankruptcy Reorganization Planning
  • Site Visits
  • Change Management
  • Cash and Working Capital
  • Management
  • Internal Control Review
  • Business and Liquidity Review
  • Debt Advisory
  • Exit Strategy
  • Crisis Management

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