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Real Estate Property Management & Construction

Nationwide Real Estate Monthly

Accounting Services Utilizing

MRI® and Yardi®

Property Management Software

Ideal for those
wanting to

  • 01 Improve Their Exiting Accounting Department Quickly
  • 02 Accelerate Expense Recoveries
  • 03 Turnkey Implementations
  • 04 Improve Their Existings Accounting Department

Companies utilizing these services include

Private Multi-family REIT with over
20,000 units using Yardi and Payscan
An international energy services company with 58 lease locations in 39 countries and over $24 billion in revenue.
Public retail REIT with over 10,000 tenants 422 centers and 52 million square feet of rentable space
Those needing high quality lease abstracts-Over 800,000 abstracts prepared
National big box retailer with 1,844 locations and over $23 billion in revenue
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