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Reduce Costs & Optimize Processes

Outsourced Real Estate Accounting Services


  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401k
  • Hiring, Training & Overtime Cost
  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Costly Hourly Rate
  • Fixed Skill Set
  • Unexpected staff departures & time sensitive projects
  • Limited management time to fix accounting department
  • Heavy reliance on maintaining spreadsheets
  • Limited ability to track tenant improvements and development projects


  • Scalable Commitment
  • Reasonable Rate
  • Diverse Skill Set
  • Ability to fill in staffing gaps quickly when needed
  • An onsite fractional CFO available to provide turnkey assistance
  • Custom report writing available minimizing labor
  • Specializing in A/P workflow and change order tracking to alert management prior to going over budget

We trust this message finds you well. We are the team at CFO Business Growth Solutions, a leading provider of outsourced CFO services tailored specifically for real estate companies like yours.

As your company has successfully transitioned to remote work post-Covid, we understand the challenges and opportunities this new landscape presents. CFO Business Growth Solutions specializes in offering highly trained remote staff at a cost-effective rate, providing you the expertise required for real estate accounting and proficiency in utilizing MRI® and Yardi® property management software.

What We Bring to the Table

Here are six ways we can enhance your property management accounting:

Diverse Skill Set

From data entry to CFO level, lease analysis, specialized billing, and job costing, we offer a range of skilled professionals to meet your specific needs.

Cost Savings

By outsourcing, you eliminate the need for your human resource department to spend time recruiting, managing staff, or paying recruiting agency fees.


Hybrid Support

If your company is based in the NYC metropolitan area, we can provide a fractional CFO to personally assess your systems, coordinate with your staff, and offer a turnkey solution.

Streamlined Processes

Our teams work seamlessly with your existing staff, filling skillset gaps and ensuring timely preparation of month-end closings, financial statements, and other critical tasks.

On-Time Deliverables

Timely financial statements are crucial for maintaining a positive image in the eyes of lenders and investors. Our remote staff ensures your property accounting work stays on track.

Complimentary Trial

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient accounting processes in the real estate industry. If you're interested, we offer a complimentary trial for qualified businesses.

Additionally, our tailored services include customized financial statements, eliminating the hundreds of manual hours typically spent preparing them in Excel. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency in your financial reporting.

CFO Business Growth Solutions

Elevate Your Property Management Accounting


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how CFO Business Growth Solutions can specifically cater to your company’s needs.

Thank you for considering our services. We look forward to the possibility of working together. Get in touch with us to schedule a call, request a demo, or start a complimentary trial: