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Independent Business Investigation with Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accountants utilize the advance accounting, auditing and investigation skills in order to analyze the business, and interpret, summarize and disclose its financial information in a way that is easily understandable. These accountants are trained to look beyond the numbers and interpret the financial information in a very comprehensive and accurate manner. With outsourced CFO services you can now benefit with this special audit, financial advisory and forensic accounting services.

Forensic accounting services are often utilized by financial sector including banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions; government agencies as well as private small and medium sized companies to investigate the affairs of the company and generate a concrete and comprehensible report. These experts specialize in analyzing internal controls, reacting timely in order to safeguard business’s assets and industrial reputation, and look forward to resolve disputes and other matters with minimum external intervention and business disruption by recommending effective internal controls.

Forensic accounting services usually perform the following functions:

Investigation, evaluation and analysis of financial information to obtain evidence with regard to accounts and published financial statements

Designing computer programs to assist in preparation and presentation of financial information and evidence

Communicating the findings of investigations and the results of it to the internal management or external regulatory bodies

Providing evidence in litigation and claims and other legal matters, and testifying in court as an expert in financial evidence

Outsourced CFO services are equipped with all the necessary knowledge of legal concepts and procedures to deal with these matters. Fact-finding and reporting are essential elements of forensic accounting services. We help our clients in dealing with the complex accounting transactions and issues related to financial accounting and reporting that are outside the normal course of business including, employing internal audit function, assisting in conducting of external audit, regulatory inquiries, fraud and special committee investigations, M&A fraud services, independent monitoring, compliance and risk assessment procedures.

Outsourced CFO services is backed up by the team of financial accountants and risk and compliance professionals who are trained to gather information, analyses the problem and prepare reports that are in compliance with the judicial and regulatory requirements. For example, you might want assistance from independent CFO for hire if you want to investigate into the costs and revenues of the company and document the reasons for profit or loss accordingly. Likewise you might want to initiate independent investigation on matter involving fraud perpetrated by an employee of the company. Inquiry by independent professionals enables them to be objective in their investigations and reduces any chances of being affected by the internal management of the company. That’s why many company owners trust outsourcing temporary CFO services to independent agencies.